Your boiler is not working and it’s cold outside! You need a professional HVAC technician who is skilled, experienced, and trustworthy. Pro Comfort Control can help! We are masters of boiler repair in Framingham, MA. Our technicians fix gas boilers, electrical boilers, boilers heaters, and water heaters quickly and efficiently so you can get back to living in comfort.

What are the common boiler repair problems in Framingham, MA?

When your boiler is not working properly it can cause extensive home damage if you do not act quickly. The most common problems with boilers include:

· No heat or hot water – If your boiler isn’t heating or producing any hot water there might be a number of issues. First, make sure your thermostat is set to heating. You should also check for a tripped breaker or blown fuse in your electrical panel, and if neither of those fixes the problem then it may be time for boiler repair.

· Gas smell – If you can smell gas, immediately get out of the building and contact emergency services. Only a qualified boiler repair technician who has received advanced training should attempt to fix the problem.

· Leaking – If you can see water leaking from your boiler it is likely that there’s a crack or hole somewhere in the system. A professional will be able to find and repair this problem so you won’t have to worry about major home damage.

· Leaking on the exterior – If your boiler leaks on the outside of your home or building, then you can often repair it yourself by replacing a rubber gasket around the base. However, if it’s severe enough to damage landscaping or an outer wall, call a professional boiler repair in Framingham, MA as soon as possible to avoid extensive repairs.

At Pro Comfort Control, we take care of every aspect of boiler repair in Framingham, MA. We service, replace, and install boilers for new homes and businesses. We also offer Emergency 24/7 heating assistance so you’ll never be without heat again! Contact us today at 508-955-4776 to learn more about our services.